Travel is part of me. Its one of my values, a principle that guides me in a direction of excitement, motivation and inspiration. I will continue to travel and experience as much of this world throughout my life.

My travels have inspired me to write and produce film about the places I have been to, in the hope that that they inspire some of you to venture out into the unknown. There is so much that can be learned through travel, and I find it medicinal for the creativity inside me.

This website hosts a collection of my experiences and thoughts, processed through the world of blogging, film and social media. I hope you find it useful and as a tool to help you break the barrier of extended world travel.

I feel it is my duty to help those in the third world when I visit their country and have teamed up with my internet-preferred charity, War Child. If you would like to spare with any money to help those in real need, you can donate here.

La Campana in Chile. Conquered.

La Campana in Chile. Conquered.

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  1. alexdunigan said:

    Great blog mate!!! Good on you for doing it!

    November 27, 2014

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