Beaches of Gold – Florianopolis, Brazil

“A simple life is good with me. I don’t need a whole lot. For me, a T-shirt, a pair of shorts, barefoot on a beach and I’m happy.”

– Yanni

We had to be close. The two hour mark had just surpassed us and I was begging to feel the aches. A suffocating humidity hung in the thickness of the jungle, and temperatures were approaching a stifling 40 degrees celsius. Suddenly, the overwhelming vegetation perished, revealing fresh green coastal cliffs, complimented by the emerald of the huge Atlantic Ocean. It was remarkable, and a marker that we were closing in on the target. Birds of prey swirled over us looking for their next catch as we battled on through the heat, and finally, as we scrambled up over some rocks, there it was. The treasure that we had set out to look for, gold in the form of a beach, so pristine and preserved, hidden deep in natures pocket. I felt honoured to be in its presence.

Lagoinha do Leste





This concealed beauty is the beach of Lagoinha do Leste, tucked away in a National Park on the island of Florianopolis, Brazil. It is up there with the most spectacular I have ever had the privilege of setting foot on. The brilliant sands set apart the sea and a beautiful fresh water lake that runs through the jungle, and the beach itself is set between two high hills which make for excellent view points. It’s a beach that sets the bar for others, in a class of its own, and actually, Florianopolis is full of them.

Praia Mole beach. In the same league as Lagoinha do Leste, astoundingly perfect. White sands and crystal blue waters of ideal temperature, set on a backdrop of forest-covered hills that sees relentless paraglider’s taking advantage of the uplifting air current.

Praia Campeche. I lived five minutes away from this beach, a hotspot for surfers and again, impeccable. I came here everyday for my morning exercise and yoga routine, and to just sit there and take in every ounce of this paradise. My relaxing time here certainly made me more conscious about my future and how I will set out to live it.

But Florianopolis isn’t just famous for its beaches. Its an island full of the charming and lively Brazilian culture, incredible food, friendly people and all the outdoor activities one could think of. For me, this Island, which is part of the Santa Catarina state, has to be one of the top holiday destinations in the world.

It was on this particular Island that I was able to shoot a long awaited Arnold classic. Watch it and see for yourself how stunning part of this world is.

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